Natural Beauty 
from the island of
Puerto Rico

A body scrub brought to
you directly by the beautiful

women of Puerto Rico


The Story of Rickys Caribbean

Puerto Rico is an amazing Island full of music, food and a people that know how to enjoy each other and life. I came upon this remarkable place several years ago on my world travels stopping here for only 3 days but staying  3 weeks and loved it!! Now I have a home on the island and spend much of my time enjoying this perfect life style as much as possible. My name is Richard and discovering the Island of Puerto Rico has been a life changing experience.

One day I stopped by a friends house and found they were in the process of mixing a secret Puerto Rico recipe using coffee grounds, coconut oil and other ingredients producing a very special body scrub. They told me this secret combination of ingredients not only helps improve the quality of your skin by removing fine lines and wrinkles but also helps remove signs of cellulite, brown spots and acne. Leaving you not only moisturized but giving you a radiant glow.


 Later that day I took a sample and exfoliated my body and found this scrub really did make my skin feel renewed and fresh, I felt I looked younger and softer. I decided to research the ingredients to figure out why this scrub made me feel so good and it turns out that all of the ingredients have benefits that help the skin improve texture and looks. This scrub is well known in Puerto Rico and helps the woman of the island  protect their skin from the damaging sun.  I was sold and here begins the story…. With a little arm twisting my friends gave me their secret recipe to build a marketable product that we could introduce to the world. We worked together on this for one year to be sure that quantities and ingredients are just right per the recipe to maximize the power of this scrub on your skin. Most importantly we maintained the organic and all natural ingredients balanced just right.

Developed on the Island of Puerto Rico

Ricky's Caribbean Coffee Scrub is born!!!


Whats makes it
so special?

Using a secret recipe of authentic, skin nourishing and pore cleansing ingredients. Developed on the Island of Puerto Rico by  beautiful woman, Ricky’s now brings this perfectly blended body healing scrub to you directly. What makes us special? our secret blend of only the finest ingredients.


What else?

All natural and organic ingredients with no synthetic chemical, fragrances or artificial colors. Nourish and pamper as you buff away dead skin cells, Hydrate and moisturize naturally… Protect
and revitalize revealing your true clean fresh and natural self. Brighten, tone and leave your skin ultra soft and beautiful.

Straight from the Island of Puerto Rico this secret formula has been part of the beauty routine used to help the woman of the Island glow….

Our Ingredients

Image by Estela Shaddix

Organic Arabica Coffee

May help reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin. It is thought that the caffeine in the coffee is the key to cellulite reduction by dilating the blood vessels beneath the skin and improving overall blood flow. Coffee is a rich source of vitamin B3 (niacin) which may be helpful in preventing nonmelanoma skin cancer and possibly prevent skin growths. Lets not forget anti-aging benefit as coffee helps fight dark spots, fine lines, redness and wrinkles. The regular use of this scrub could combat problems from harmful bacteria and helps fight the onslaught of acne.

Image by Diana Kuleniuk

Organic Coconut Oil

A antibacterial shield that protects the skin from potential Pathogens and can help reduce bacterial infections.
Coconut oil can penetrate deep into the skin and the triglycerides in the oil attract protein molecules, ensuring a timely repair of the collagen layer. Coconut oil is the best all natural moisturizer for your skin.

Image by Pablo Merchán Montes

Organic Cocoa

This is a antioxidant powerhouse that limits the free radical that can damage your skin. It is rich in flavonoids which help repair damaged skin cells and helps restore the healthy appearance of the skin by reducing the signs of aging. Cocoa contains vitamin C and magnesium which help keep the skin healthy and protected.

Image by John Cutting

Organic Sugar

A natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the environment into the skin helping to hydrate. Also sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid, and alpha hydroxy acid which penetrates the skin and breaks down the glue that bonds the dead Skin cells. This encourages a turnover and generates a fresher, younger looking skin. A natural exfoliator

Pink Salt

Sea Salt

Antiseptic qualities that help reduce itching and pain associated with bacterial Infections. Sea salt improves circulation and cell growth along with detoxifying the skin to remove dead skin cells revealing moist shinny new cells.


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